Who is Starter Culture for?

Starter Culture is a nomadic home at the crossroads of the inner and the outer, the personal and the collective, made for those change-agents, groups, organisations and communities - and those who fund them, interested in the inner-led change that supports the composting of  power-over culture into eco-centric, relational, regenerative culture.

No matter what your outer change work is - international development, direct action protest, academia, science and information sharing, campaigning and lobbying or grassroots community building - inner-led change is the only way to go beyond the power-over consciousness that created the problems you are addressing. into consciousness that can dream and vision with Earth community for social and ecological change that is local, global and relational. 

Photo: David Clode for Unsplash

A key motivation in creating Starter Culture was to provide a space where those interested in inner-led change  could speak openly and truthfully without feeling we somehow needed to censor ourselves or fight for air time.

We have created a space within which we prioritise the difficult conversations needed and the process of learning how to grow earth-centric relational regenerative culture.

We are discovering what the embracing of our differences and longings can give birth to, including creating a brave space to talk about privilege, power, shadow and the dynamics of modernity that continue to propagate itself, even within change-making groups. We want this space to feel welcoming for those of all colors, cultures, backgrounds, perspectives and identities already or actively wanting to integrate an inner dimension into their change-making.

This is not therefore a space for those who are not interested in the inner dimension of change, nor for those wanting to debate its relevance. We are very aware of the particularity and poetry of our language, and that this is our unique way to inhabit inner-led change. It may well be very different to your way. We hope you will feel drawn in by the fecundity of our words that are rooted in the dark fertile earth and entangled as underground mycelial forests longing for your participation.

We're not trying to persuade you ...

Whilst our intention is to raise awareness of the crucial role of inner-led change plays in addressing our current crises, we are not inclined to try and persuade you. We simply hope what we are sharing here will:

- Whet your appetite for a deeper inquiry into how inner-led change is a potent ingredient within the cultural shift that you seek to embody and support in the world. 

- Decenter the human narrative in the current crisis and begin to listen to the voices of the other than human beings.

- Help create the cultural spaces needed for more of us to act in accordance with our longings and ethics.

- Support you to begin creating relational culture in your group, organisation, community and place of living now.- Prompt you to ask the question - what is at stake if we don’t compost power-over culture (and what is at stake if we do?)