Supporting inner-led change

Our Cups of Tea process involving over 100 exploratory conversations identified a wide range of needs around integrating inner-led change into work supporting social and ecological change.

Based on what we learned, and continue to learn, we are finding ways to support those wanting to integrate inner-led change into their work. This includes:

  • Signposting to an abundance of existing support resources, widening their accessibility, relevance and uptake and identifying and addressing gaps in resources. 
  • Co-creating communities of practice (CoP ) to bring together those wanting to cultivate, deepen and scale up inner-led cultural transformation within their community or sector. These communities of practice seek to enable peer-to-peer support, solidarity, learning and reflection, resource sharing and collaborative inquiries and initiatives. Themes and sectors we are exploring and seeking to leverage significant cultural and policy space within include; activism; education; frontline services; relational politics; legal system; community responses to trauma; radical inclusivity and anti-oppression; rites of passage; and indigeneity.
  • Providing a visible and credible website to centre and amplify stories of inner-led change, and its effectiveness in supporting the wider process of deep and widespread cultural transformation.
  • Inquiring into effective pathways, approaches and language that increase the accessibility, diversity and relevance of inner-led approaches to social change.
  • Increasing the funding made available for inner-led change by building relationships with funders and raising awareness of the vital role played by inner-led change within the cultural transformation our current crises demand.