Centring marginalised voices

We are committed to centring and amplifying the perspectives, experiences and voices of marginalised voices both within our own team and culture and through all the work we are doing to support inner-led change to flourish. To do this we are: 

  • Integrating marginalised perspectives into Starter Culture’s dna at this early stage.
  • Highlighting the intersectionality of our current social and ecological crises 
    (see our glossary of terms)
  • Recruiting team members with:  direct experience of being marginalised; comprehensive understanding of the systemic and cultural roots of oppression; and personal experience of healing and transforming the trauma caused by marginalisation.
  • Prioritising an embodied, experiential understanding of the impact of marginalisation - and its systemic and cultural roots - within all team members
  • Raising awareness that centring, amplifying and financially remunerating marginalised voices is an essential dimension of inner-led change and the deep cultural transformation it seeks to support
  • Centring and amplifying marginalised voices throughout our work, for example on our website, in any resources we produce and within any collaborations we are part of.
  • Centering decolonising as one of the key ingredients needed for the inner-led change and deep cultural transformation our current crises demand.