What We Do

Our vision is to help co-create healthier, more transformative and just cultures based on a shared commitment to love, compassion, courage, creativity, beauty, pleasure and play.

We seek to do this by helping unleash the transformative power of our social and ecological change efforts to radically address the suffering, inequality, systemic injustice, ecological destruction and species extinction which are bringing into question the future of our own species.

We started out in early 2019 by having conversations with over 100 practitioners and organisations to explore how it is for them to integrate the inner dimension into their social and ecological work. Through this we identified a wide range of needs, challenges and opportunities in relation to supporting inner-led cultural transformation to flourish.

Our current work is building on the findings from this initial enquiry, and aims to increase the impact of the variety of existing approaches to inner-led cultural transformation through the following streams: 

Centring and amplifying the experiences and perspectives of marginalised voices

We are committed to this intention both within our own team and culture and through all the work we are doing to support inner-led change to flourish. To do this we are: 

  • Integrating marginalised perspectives into Starter Culture’s DNA at this early stage
  • Highlighting the intersectionality [glossary] of our current social and ecological crises 
  • Recruiting team members with:  direct experience of being marginalised; comprehensive understanding of the systemic and cultural roots of oppression; and personal experience of healing and transforming the trauma caused by marginalisation.
  • Prioritising an embodied, experiential understanding of the impact of marginalisation - and its systemic and cultural roots - within all team members
  • Raising awareness that centring, amplifying and financially remunerating marginalised voices is an essential dimension of inner-led change and the deep cultural transformation it seeks to support
  • Centring and amplifying marginalised voices throughout our work, for example on our website, in any resources we produce and within any collaborations we are part of.

Supporting those cultivating inner-led cultural transformation in the UK and internationally by:

  • Co-creating thematic and place-based ‘communities of practice’ (CoP ) to bring together those wanting to cultivate, deepen and scale up inner-led cultural transformation within their community or sector. These communities of practice seek to enable peer-to-peer support, solidarity, learning and reflection, resource sharing and collaborative inquiries and initiatives. Themes and sectors we are exploring and seeking to leverage significant cultural and policy space within include; activism; education; frontline services; relational politics; legal system; community responses to trauma; radical inclusivity and anti-oppression; rites of passage; and indigeneity. 
  • Signposting to an abundance of existing support resources, widening their accessibility, relevance and uptake and identifying and addressing gaps in resources. 
  • Providing a visible and credible website to centre and amplify stories of inner-led change, and its effectiveness in supporting the wider process of deep and widespread cultural transformation.
  • Inquiring into effective pathways, approaches and language that increase the accessibility, diversity and relevance of inner-led approaches to social change.
  • Increasing the funding made available for inner-led change (see below).

Raising awareness with the funding community by

  • Building relationships with funders to get a better understanding of their relationship with inner-led change. Inquiring into the needs, tensions and opportunities to increase the recognition, understanding and relevance of the role of inner-led change. 
  • Highlighting the risks and costs incurred when inner-led change is not funded, and the opportunities for radical cultural transformation by funding inner-led change
  • Amplifying stories of inner-led change and the essential role it plays in manifesting the depth and scale of societal transformations needed in these times.  
  • Maintaining and expanding a credible evidence-base to catalyse widespread uptake and development of, investment in, and work supporting inner-led change and the societal and cultural transformation it supports.
  • Hosting an inquiry into how to measure inner-led change

By presenting this from a collective vantage point that, we hope to reveal the ‘elephants in the room’, in ways that feel too risky for individual grantees to do themselves.

If you are a funder and this feels of interest, you can find out more here or simply get in touch [link to contact] so we can explore it more together.

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