What We Do

To deliver on our unashamedly bold and ambitious vision we are:
  • Cohering work and place-based ‘communities of practice’ and wider alliances to bring together those wanting to cultivate radical inner-led change to support solidarity, cross-fertilization, peer-peer support, sharing resources and collaborative initiatives. 
  • Making the abundance of existing support resources widely accessible to those wanting it, as well as paying attention to, and addressing any gaps.
  • Exploring the language of ‘the inner’ to help everyone feel more welcome and at home within this rich and regenerative realm of life.
  • Amplifying stories of inner-led change and the essential role it plays in manifesting the depth and scale of societal transformation needed in these times, especially with funders, policy makers and other decision-makers to co-create the financial investment and cultural and policy space needed for radical inner-led change to really flourish.
  • Collating a credible evidence-base to catalyse widespread investment in, and uptake of, work supporting radical inner-led change and the societal and cultural transformation it supports.
  • Experimenting with inner-led initiatives which create space for the inner dimension of life and demonstrate its vital role in progressive social and ecological change. 
  • Co-creating a fractal alliance of inter-connected community hubs emergently inquiring around what radical, inner-led social and ecological transformation looks and feels like.