What We Do

“Without inner change there can be no outer change.
Without collective change, no change matters.”

Angel kyodo williams

Starter Culture exists to co-create relational cultures that support change from the inside-out.

What we mean by relational cultures is healthier, more transformative and just cultures based on a shared commitment to love, intimacy, compassion, courage, creativity, beauty, pleasure and play, in sacred and reciprocal communion with our whole earth community.

We started out in early 2019 by having conversations with over 100 practitioners and organisations to explore how it is for them to try to integrate an inner dimension into their social and ecological work. Through these conversations we identified a wide range of needs, challenges and opportunities in relation to supporting inner-led cultural transformation to flourish.

Our current work is building on our learnings from this initial enquiry. Our hope is to help increase the impact of existing approaches to inner-led cultural transformation through the following work streams:

* Centring marginalised voices and perspectives on inner-led cultural transformation.
* Supporting those wanting to integrate inner-led change into their groups and organisations.
* Catalysing collaboration between those interested in the intersection between the inner and outer dimensions of social and ecological change work.
* Raising awareness of how vital inner-led change is to the cultural transformation our increasingly turbulent times demand.
* Collating evidence around this vital role played by inner-led change.

You can find out more about what we are up to within each of these workstreams here: