Signposting to support

We are only too aware of how challenging it can be to find support around inner-led change - and that what is available is often only accessible for those with the finances to afford it. We are passionate about making inner-led change support available to everyone who wants it -  and we want to connect you and your group with resources that will support you around inner-led cultural transformation. 

We have very mixed feelings about how much inner-led change support has now gone online since the pandemic introduced us to the world of online teaching. Without a doubt it has made available a wealth of support that people would otherwise not be able to access. And, we feel concerned that the relative ease of accessibility and potential financial incentives may be leading to a default culture of participating in and offering online programs at great cost to the depth and transformative potency of this inner-led change work.

We look forward to a return to gathering in the flesh becoming the norm again and to inner-led change support being widely accessible in every community the world-over. And meanwhile, you can find a veritable feast of (mainly online) offerings here