Soulcraft practices


"I approach dreams as a Mystery and as a way into soul. For me, this is heart work, not head work. I am not interpreting dreams, but letting the dream images themselves reveal what is wanting to be seen".

"Anything at all can happen in dreams.  They are not bound by our waking time laws and in this way they   can speak their minds freely, surprisingly, humorously, frighteningly, beautifully"


Practices for groups and dyads to speak and listen from the heart.

"to serve the growing international community of individuals, groups, communities and organizations who are drawn to circle communication processes, particularly the form known as “council” that has been practiced at The Ojai Foundation and its sister communities for the past forty years"

Carrier of council, offering programmes, workshops and trainings.

Shadow Work

Sweet Darkness programme

Animas Guides and the program Sweet Darkness

Consciousness Shifting Practices

"We seek spiritual heat over frozen belief, vibration over contemplation, spiritual cooking over mindful meditation, fascinating rhythm over monotonous, beat dance over ideological stance, song over story, experiencing change over remaining the same & divine mystery over personal mastery." from Hillary and Brad Keeney.

Confronting your own mortality

"Do you fear your death? If you do, at some level it will affect your ability to appreciate your life to the fullest. You are never too young to contemplate your death. You are never too old to really live."

The Practice of Living and Dying

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