Soul initiation guides

Raised in Baltimore, adélàjà simon is a first generation of Yoruba, Ayisyen and Arawak/Taino descent, living and offering a deep exploration of the question, ‘What does a truly regenerative, purposeful and place-based human lifeway, rooted in ancestral praise look like, feel like, and take to create and sustain?’ 

The process of chewing on this question is bringing forth the work of emergeazurescens, integrating modalities of bodywork, somatic healing, dream work, processes for mapping the human psyche and framing the stages of human development, ecopsychology, Holistic healing, plant medicine work, grief work, movement building, Permaculture and ancestral arts.

Influences are drawn from the Animas Valley Institute to explore the depths of the psyche, Fierce Allies to foster deep partnerships across cultural divides of power and privilege, Growing Together to seed a thriving polyculture rooted in permaculture principles, the Work That Reconnects to engage the wisdom of deep time, and many many more teachers and bodies of work.  

As a guide, Sara welcomes Humans of all genders, sexual orientation, colors, race, and every other "identifying characteristic" with honesty and curiosity, devotion and loving fierceness in service to Soul. She is a queer both/and creature who is not afraid to visit the dungeons or heavens, closets or wild forests with you. She assists you on your unique Soul Path, to discover your unique and interwoven essence. Along the way, you will be supported to heal the trauma of civilization and developmental trauma through Sacred Wound Alchemy and practices of coming home and belonging to Earth Community.

Sara works with individuals who long to know who they truly are, to take their place in the Golden Web of Life, bringing all of their gifts, powers and abilities to the people and in service to Earth, through the process of Soul Initiation. In her guiding, both one on one and in groups, she utilizes elements of energy medicine and ritual techniques, sound and voice, Dream work, Deep Imagery, herbal spirit medicine, and the 4 feminine Archetypes of the Labyrinth Path.

Amanda is a nature-based guide, somatic ecologist and educator, yoga teacher (E-RYT), writer & poet, horsewoman, and mother. Awake to the living and embodied presence of her ancestors, she continues to listen to and is guided by her Passamaquoddy (Peskotomuhkati), Greek, Macedonian, Sicilian and Celtic ancestry. As an agent of the mythopoetic mystery of our shared and collective existence, she calls upon dreams, myth, body-based intelligence, death & dying, grief, wounds & trauma, shadow, the feral feminine, and that which has been banished and oppressed by cultural systems of industrialization and colonization to conjure a new way of belonging to the world

Individual mentorship and immersive group programs. Mary is a trauma-informed soul initiation guide who supports people to grow in intimate relationship with themselves, the wild earth, the mysterious and more hidden nature of their souls and the world.

Nature-based BODY, ART & SOUL offers loving, wise, and timely medicine for ourselves and our world. Doug weaves together a wide range of practices both ancestral and contemporary to facilitate self-healing and the cultivation of innate human wholeness. The goal of this work, ultimately, is not only to heal, but to mature psychologically and spiritually, and live a life more centered in soul. Eventually reshaping ourselves into visionaries with the artistry to transform our individual and collective planetary wasteland."

Weaving Eco Psychology, Mentoring, Supervision, Training, Soul Initiation Guiding and Consultancy.