Nature-based spirituality, magic, ritual and ceremony

"Through Reciprocal Ritual Relationship, we weave the golden threads of Soul and the Wild together again, remembering ourselves into the Web of Life. Improvisational Singer, Soul Initiation Guide, SoulStoryteller, Ritualist."

Resecration, Forest planter, Soul Guide, keeper of the Holy Days, Wild Mind Guide

"Welcoming all who wish to be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation at this time of dire beauty. We play: Metaphor is the incarnational garb whereby Power enters the world. So cultivating metaphoric agility is a central skill whereby to be a conscious participant in the Cultural Renaissance."

"I believe in the power of ceremony, community and sitting in circle for deep healing and authentic connection. My passion is in  re~membering Wholeness and finding creative ways to explore that. My joy is in tending the hearth, the garden, being with the birds. the land and spending time nurturing deeply fulfilling friendships".

"We welcome you to this website, to the hearth fire of our ancestor roundhouse and to this place of wild sanctuary on Dartmoor. We live and work in the heart of the southwest moors, amid the high hills, upland streams and misted valleys. We create music albums and concerts, books and paintings, traditional flutes and drums, women’s workshops and instrument making weekends, small festivals and gentle gatherings on our ancient farm".

Ancestral Ritual and Ceremony, healing the ancestral lineage, relationship with the Divine