Dream work

"Anything at all can happen in dreams. They are not bound by our waking time laws and in this way they can speak their minds freely, surprisingly, humorously, frighteningly, beautifully. In dreams we morph into a cast of characters, a variety of humans, monsters, plants and animals, actions, abilities, and situations, loosening our usual taken for granted identification with our individual egos. To these egos the world is an already known place, but to the dream, the world is always surprising. Through their twisting and winding ways, dreams eventually land us back into our waking time where we can meet the world anew if we take the time to be with a dream." Linda Beeuwsaert, Making Portals

Dream Centred Living - one:one and group work (online or phone based)

For 31 years Teryne had the privilege of being a high school teacher, and loved tending to her students and to the dreams of their lives. Now, she turns her attention to dreams  - their mystery, wisdom and how they take us down into our soul's desire and wake us up into our lives. 

"I approach dreams as a Mystery and as a way into soul. For me, this is heart work, not head work. I am not interpreting dreams, but letting the dream images themselves reveal what is wanting to be seen".

Making Portals - one:one work (online or phone based)

What I offer is one-to-one conversation with you.  We will work with a dream or with whatever you have been noticing in your life, anything that seems to be calling for more discernment or understanding or a different way of seeing.