Preparing for soul encouter

Soul encounter is when we are graced by the appearance of a soul image, message or name. This tends to happen out on the land and when we have dropped into communion with various dimesions of consciousness.

For example when Claire Milne, one of Starter Culture's co-founders was vision questing on Dartmoor in Devon, England, she received the soul name Wild Ally Cat and the image of a black panther-like cat appeared and stayed with her throughout her quest. This Wild Ally Cat has continuted to visit Claire in deep imagery and is the central character of her personal mythos - the story that somehow speaks of her soul purpose in this life time.

Soul encounters are generally experienced at the point that we have done enough healing and wholing work that our ego has become ripened into a 'whole enough' emotionally healthy adult. At this point we have become resilient enough to die to our clevery crafted ego-identity - which then makes space for soul to reveal itself to us in the form of soul encounters.

The following practices help us grow the ground needed for soul encounters to occur.