Eros, Sexuality, Soulful Romance

Pleasure Activism

"The IEI offers leading-edge, evidence-based trainings, mentorships and programs which guide students and practitioners alike into deeper intelligence, intimacy, and wellness. Through the lens of erotic intelligence and embodiment, at the crossroads where soul, spirit, eros, and human community meet, we learn wellness through experiencing the myriad ways we are designed to belong; to ourselves, to each other, to the Earth and to Life itself. At a time when it was never more critical that we remember."

"We are in unprecedented times. How do we stay centered, creative, and deepen our relationships and inner work even during extreme situations? It means stepping up and choosing love over fear, discernment over judgment, and clarity over confusion."

"The Verdant Collective is a radical – and radically safe – place to remember (and failing that, to invent) what your free, embodied, deeply nourished, and sovereign female looks, sounds and feels like. It is a place to grieve and to celebrate, to replenish and to grow."