Arts-based activism

Projects and organisations

Dark Mountain project

Collective of creatives ‘looking for other stories, ones that can help us make sense of a time of disruption and uncertainty’.

Voices that Shake, creative projects, blogs, resources

“Voices That Shake! brings together young people, activists, educators and artists to challenge social and climate injustice, with a focus on addressing racial inequality. Using a model of personal transformation and structural change, to challenge established imbalanced power-bases and re-imagine new infrastructures in opposition to capitalism and colonialism”

Gentle/Radical, organisation

An artist-run project, interested in change with a starting point of  culture. “From culture we connect community, politics, spirituality and social justice, building projects from the ground up. We live in Wales. We believe in the power of small nations. And we want to create art from spaces of equity and solidarity”

A disability justice-based performance project from the US highlighting connecting experiences and intersecting oppressions by centering performances by Black and LGBTQ and gender-variant disabled artists.

Cape Farewell, organisation

Cultural responses to the climate challenge, including arts, expeditions, education and engagement.

Cardboard Citizens, courses, discussions, workshops, performances

"make theatre for social change. We empower people with lived experience of homelessness and strive to change society’s perceptions of homeless people... informed by the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology"

Courses, workshops and trainings

Theatre of Awakening is a blend of self-discovery and creativity, where performances are created from personal stories and inner experiences. It is autobiographical theatre for well-being, trauma recovery and social change.

Rough Diamonds School offers a space for exploring our inner and outer stories; giving body and voice permission to play and improvise. New threads of old tales emerge when we work somatically as well as with the pen. By casting light on past challenges and joys, and how they have shaped us, we free up the raw material with which to craft performances.

Improvisation as art form and transformative practice.

Intensive training in devised physical theatre.

Blend of mindfulness, drama, dance and improvisation.

Physical Theatre courses based on Jacques Lecoq Pedagogy and devising techniques.

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