Art-making, creative writing,
poetry and storytelling

Storytelling and Mythology

Sara McFarland
Sara is a SoulStoryteller, as well as a soul initiation guide and improvisational singer and ritualist. She hosts an online soulstorytelling event: SoulStories, which happens once a month on Sundays around the Full Moon, 7-8:30pm GMT+1.

Jan Blake
Jan Blake has been performing worldwide for over twenty-five years. Specialising in stories from Africa, the Caribbean, and Arabia, she has a well-earned reputation for dynamic and generous storytelling. Recent highlights include Hay Festival, where she was storyteller in-residence, the Viljandi Harvest Festival in Estonia and TEDx Warsaw.

As well as performing at all the major storytelling festivals both nationally and internationally, Jan works regularly with the British Council, leads storytelling workshops for emerging storytellers, and gives masterclasses for teachers, brands, and businesses. She also regularly captivates school children with mesmerising stories.

Tom Hirons
Tom is a writer, storteller and author of Sometimes a Wild God, and the longer piece of moorland-prose, Nettle-Eater, both of which are published by Hedgespoken Press.

Martin Shaw

Michael Meade

Singing and Music

Briony Greenhill

Improvisational Singer and teacher, rewilding the voice and singing the sacred.

Eliza Kenyon
Eliza is known for her ceremonial medicine singing and transformative voice work. She follows her intuition when working with clients, opening the way for healing/awakening/goodness to happen through music, voicework journeys and one-to-one sessions. She lives between the wild beauty of Dartmoor and the sea, in Devonshire, England. Elemental practices are at the core of my work.

Eliza offers 1:1 and group sessions - in person both in Devon and internationally - and online.

Carolyn Hillyer
Singer of Proto-Celtic and original music, ceremonialist and Women’s workshop facilitator

Christine Stevens
Frame Drum, Healing Drum, Trance Drumming

Embodied rhythm and drumming

Rooh Star
A collection of soulful heartfelt quirky and occasionally outrageous, songs of remembering and awakening. Songs to laugh and cry and sing along to.


Rosie Perks
Rosie offers a place in which to land and explore that is safe, non-judgemental and expertly held, her guidance is both sensitive and clear. She works with both groups and individuals, in the room and online. Rosie has always loved to dance and first danced with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in 1989, when they launched the School in 2006 she started her voyage in Movement Medicine with them. Rosie has many years experience teaching movement internationally. She is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher, a professional mentor for the School of Movement Medicine and has worked closely with the school from its inception.

Rosie holds dance workshops in Devon, Europe and internationally - as well as online.

Movement Medicine -Susannah and Y’akov Darling-Khan
Healing our Soma and our psyches through dancing into wholeness with Earth, Water, Fire and Air. You can find a long list of facilitators and trainers working in various parts of the world.

Authentic Movement
Dancing that which is within us, without censorship.

5 Rhythms
Created by Gabriel Roth, a form of prayer as dance

Writing and poetry

Wendy Robertson Fyfe
Poet/image-maker/ art practice - word/image

Visual Arts

Azul Thome
Soulland: making the world of Soul’s longing, Art with Earth eARTh. Azul offers soul-based workshops and an incredible array of soul-art, available for purchase from her website. Commissions also welcome.

Emma Sampson
Stunning soul art work. Prints and cards are available to buy through etsy: 

Contact Emma directly via her website if you are interested in original pieces or comissions.

Dorrie Joy
Dorrie offers a stunning array of soul art and crafts in the form of prints, cards, children's books, calendars and workshops. Find out how to access these through her website.