Shadow Work


Movement of Being, retreats
This work is about coming home to ourselves; both as spiritual beings and as very human beings. It is about becoming ALL of who we are, both as limitless awareness and limited, vulnerable and very mortal people; both as Love itself, and as the neurotic, confused and shattered individuals that we can also be! There is nothing to perfect, and yet paradoxically there is so much to integrate and come to terms with, so much to come home to and relax into.

Living as Love, programmes and retreats, online and in the flesh

Living as Love has both a sober understanding of human shadow and conditioning, and a joyous awareness of the infinite power of holy love that lives in the hearts of human beings. Sitting in the power of this love and presence, we allow the patterns that have us living from conditioned separation to be reckoned with and deconstructed, to discover new ways of being here, born of the alive potency of the moment.

Ancestral Medicine, Book, regular online courses for an international audience,
Guided ancestral healing intensives in eight countries.

"An international network supporting ancestral healing through the embodiment of animist values and practices in ways that are culturally healing, non-dogmatic, and accessible to people of diverse means, ancestries, and geographies.

This growing network includes folks with ancestral lineages from all inhabited continents, fluency in five languages (English, German, Greek, Spanish, and French), and diversity with respect to gender identity, religious background, professional training, and life experience.

We are committed to offering ancestral healing in ways that are kind, culturally healing; accessible to all; mindful of place and histories of colonialism; and anchored in sound and effective ritual practice.

We seek to honor each person’s unique goodness and to fulfill our mission in partnership with the ancestors and the old ones who are the Earth."

Awakening Prajna, Online and in the flesh international events, podcasts, book.

Trauma informed, embodied awakening and medicine work.

Existential kink, book and courses

A very direct process for embracing the repressed, tabooed, and often unwanted aspects of ourselves so we can discover our inner power and finally live the life we deserve.

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