The A-Z of Gender and Sexuality: From Ace to Ze . Book by Morgan Lev Edward Holleb

Having correct and accurate terminology can be empowering, especially with words and phrases that describe gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. This A-Z glossary guide is a handy, quick reference book.

Sexuality and Gender for Mental Health Professionals: A Practical Guide 
Book by Christina Richards & Meg-John Barker (2013)

An accessible as well as practitioner-friendly practical guide that breaks down the complexities inherent in the practices and identities related to gender and sexuality.

Life Isn’t Binary: On Being Both, Beyond, And In-between
Book by Meg-John Barker and Alex Iantaffi

A highly readable, incisive and wide-ranging read that uses bisexual and non-binary gender experiences as a starting point for reflection on how we view and understand the world and the ways in which we all bend, blur, or break society’s binary codes of “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, etc.

Queer: A Graphic History
Book by Meg-John Barker & Julia Scheele (Illustrator) (2016)

A highly readable non-fiction graphic novel explaining the people and concepts behind the use of “queer”. Excellently demystifies a sometimes impenetrable field and includes a call to examine “normality” more critically.

Sexuality: A Psychosocial Manifesto
Book by Katherine Johnson (2014)

Takes a psychosocial approach that rethinks the relationship between psychic and social realms in the field of sexuality. Uses ideas and experiences drawn from sociology, psychology, and queer and cultural studies to offer a new, transdisciplinary perspective.

Purple Prose: Bisexuality in Britain.
Book By Kate Harrad (2016)

The first book written for and by bisexual people in the UK. Offers an accessible collection of interviews, essays, poems and commentary exploring topics including definitions of bisexuality, intersections of bisexuality, stereotypes and biphobia, plus the media’s approach to bisexuality.

Widely recommended introductory text of essays from educators and practitioners, opening up the discussion and complexities around questions of desire, power, and pleasure. Designed to educate, inspire and challenge.

Rewriting the Rules.
Articles / resources / zines

The website of Meg-John Barker covering multiple topics and filled with helpful blog posts, articles, written resources and further links. This covers ‘Figuring Out Your Sexuality’ with helpful guidance through the enquiring into or questioning your sexuality.

Community / Digital publication

Founded in 2009 and still run by a team of progressively feminist queer and trans folks, Autostraddle is a digital publication and real life community for multiple generations of LGBTQIA+ humans (and their friends). This column is a continuous series of coming out stories, support and advice.

‘Butch’ is a not-for-profit project with the mission to celebrate butch identity, increase butch visibility and amplify butch voices through the art of storytelling, with a print magazine, online presence and in-person events that build community in empowering and accessible ways.

Provides information, support, forums and community space, and resources on asexuality for  sexual and asexual people alike.

Beyond Blue Organisation

Mental Health organisation based in Australia with multiple programmes for LGBTQIA+ people, families and communities, including ‘Wingmen’ which supports gay men dealing with anxiety and depression. Includes downloadable resources.

The Bisexual Index Organisation

UK-based starting point for information, resources and support about bisexuality.

Pink Therapy

The UK's largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients. Offers training, resources, mentoring and supervision, as well as hosting a directory of therapists working with gender, sexuality and relationship diverse clients.

Umbrella Cymru,

Cymru (Wales) based organisation specialising in gender and sexual identity, diversity, equality and inclusion support (specific and non-specific), providing also groups, training, events and resources.

Meg-John & Justin.
Podcast. Episode: Asexuality & Trauma

The podcast unpacks a lot of what is meant by both asexuality and trauma, and considers the overlaps, as well as how everyone might address elements of trauma as they surface in our sexual lives.

MogaDao Institute
Practices and tradition

MogaDao is a sacred, queer practice tradition, "queer" in our usage denoting a conscious and comprehensive undermining of institutions of sociopolitical normativity. The tradition comprises academic studies in queer ontologies, original forms of mythopoetic and archetypal qigong, spiritualized yoga asana, and somatic meditation.

A quick questionnaire that exposes the types of interrogation folks with marginalised sexualities are often explicitly or implicitly subject to by directing them towards heterosexuals - a thought-provoking, swift but challenging response to pervasive heteronormativity. Useful for anyone interested in how heteronorms and “compulsory heterosexuality” inform their inner world and thinking.

“Imagine a world where the majority of people are lesbian/gay and heterosexuals are in the minority - this is 'Homoworld'.” A lesbian and gay awareness training video that became an award-winning short film, helping those with majority sexuality status to empathise with lesbian and gay experiences.

This zine introduces Sexual Configurations Theory: Sari van Anders’s alternative approach to sexual ‘orientation’. Alex Iantaffi, Julia Scheele and Meg-John Barker worked to introduce Sari’s ideas simply, and to help the reader map their own sexuality on multiple dimensions.

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