Resources: Mental health, wellbeing and trauma

Mental Health and wellbeing

Climate Psychology Alliance Individual Therapeutic Support  offered to people who are affected by the ecological, biodiversity and climate crises to find someone near you.
Network of WellbeingWellbeing resources, local and national events and directory of wellbeing organisations
Centre for Thriving Places(Formerly Happy City Initiative) aiming to  change the economic compass from pointing to consumption and growth toward wellbeing for people, place and planet. Work with local authorities, organisations and individuals to provide practical pathways to measure, understand and improve wellbeing.
College of WellbeingOnline and in person training and resources for resilience and wellbeing.
International Network Towards Alternatives and RecoveryThe International Network Toward Alternatives and Recovery gathers prominent survivors, professionals, family members, and advocates from around the world to work together for new clinical and social practices in response to emotional distress and what is often labeled as psychosis.
Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social ResponsibilityPCSR’s aim is to locate counselling and psychotherapy in a social, political, ecological, and economic context


Wave Trust: Trauma informed communities and schoolsTrauma Informed Schools
Our objective is to bring about a whole school /organisational cultural shift where the wellbeing of all is the highest priority. We implement many interventions to ensure the relational and emotional health of all. Our interventions are evidence based with the backing of over 1,000 research studies from psychology and neuroscience.
Trauma Informed Communities
Until 2018, most of the UK had never heard of trauma-informed approaches, never mind trauma-informed communities. Yet since then, interest in this approach has sky-rocketed, with many local authorities and community activists across the UK and Ireland beginning their journey towards this goal. We have been supporting them since the start.
How to start a Trauma Informed Community
One Small Thing (UK and US)Striving for positive change in the justice system by implementing small changes in a big way. Facilitate and fund trauma-informed programmes for the prison and community sectors that consider the individual caught in a cycle of crime and incarceration and aim to humanise their process. 
Becoming Trauma Informed Tool Kit
Step-by-step guide for Women’s Community Service Providers.
Pocket ProjectOur mission is to contribute to the healing of collective and intergenerational trauma, and to reduce its disruptive effects on our global culture.
US Based: 
International Transformational Resilience Coalition
The ITRC's mission is to promote and support comprehensive preventative initiatives in North America and internationally to proactively build psychological and psycho-social-spiritual resilience for climate change.
Trauma Transformed (US based)Trauma Transformed
Communities of Practice approach to trauma-informed Systems, community-led healing and racial justice. Trainings, resource sheets, publications and reports.
Tara ApproachTools for Awakening Resources and Awareness . Ending Traumatic Repetition in Families and Communities Worldwide Offers webinars, books and courses. 
Mind UpImproving wellbeing and academic outcomes through Neuroscience, Mindful Awareness, Positive Psychology and Social Emotional Learning.
250 schools; 9000 teachers; 75000 teachers.
Activist Trauma Support Group (archived site)Archived  information and documents from the Activist Trauma Support group, which operated from 2004-2014 in recognition of the potential for people involved in political activism to have distressing or traumatic experiences.
Articles: Healing our collective trauma