Healthy groups

Resources for burnout

Thriving Activist ToolkitLinks to relevant articles, videos and books compiled by the US-based Center of the Advancement of Wellbeing.
Commons LibraryRange of resources to support activists around stress and burnout
Hell Yeah Self CareA self-care zine offering reflections on activist culture and links to more resources.
The Power of Not Doing StuffSophy Banks reflects on the importance of time to take stock and nourish the process of change.
My name is Claire and I am in recovery from addiction to activismBlog by Claire Milne, weaving the threads of needs, burnout and activist culture.
Burnout or balance? Sophy Banks reflects on the causes of burnout – the physical, the personal, the cultural and some of the unconscious processes that are much harder to spot. Also see A burnout interview, Rob Hopkins interviews Sophy Banks.
My personal burnout audit by Rob Hopkins

Resources for conflict transformation

Working with ConflictWorking with Conflict in our Groups
A guide for grassroots activists.
Offering and receiving feedbackOffering and receiving feedback, when done well, can be a powerful way to nourish relationships and make your group more effective. This guide explains how you can do this in a positive and constructive way.
Working with ConflictSeries of 2-page resource guides on working with conflict.
BookSitting in the Fire by Arnold Mindell
BookConflict is not Abuse by Sarah Schulman

General resources for healthy groups

Seeds for Change UKFacilitators and trainers  and online resources
New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)Host of resources for campaigns and movements
Training for Change (US based)Resources, toolkits and trainings: 
Including Leading Groups Online
Tripod Training – ScotlandSupports groups fighting for social, economic and environmental justice.
The Ulex Project
ULEX and Ecodharma have been supporting activists from around the world. Both organisations offer online and in person courses and have info and resources on their websites.
Transition Network Inner TransitionResources to support healthy groups and support the integration of the inner dimension of change into groups and meetings.
Extinction Rebellion Wellbeing resourcesResources and links for integrating wellbeing and a regenerative action cycle into Extinction Rebellion groups
Beautiful Rising
Inspired by the concept of a “pattern language,” Beautiful Rising teases out the key elements of creative activism in their toolbox.
Turning the Tide toolkitA variety of groupwork tools used for training for social action, including Power and Change, Spirituality and Activism, Power and Change etc.
Advaya InitiativeAdvaya explores the connections between ecology, spirituality, and mental health, advocating regenerative narratives and economies, collective responsibility, public awakening and mobilisation.
Book: Emergent StrategyAdrienne Maree Brown's Emergent Strategy "is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help designed to shape the futures we want to live"