Healthy groups

General resources for healthy groups


Organisation of facilitators and trainers with a wide range of resources and trainings

Seeds for Change UK

Organisation of facilitators and trainers and online resources.

New Economy Organisers Network (NEON)

Host of resources for campaigns and movements

Training for Change

Training for Change have a host of resources, toolkits and trainings, including Leading Groups Online.

Resist & Renew

Resist and Renew are a collective of friends; activists; artists; and radical educators developing and running participatory workshops, courses and spaces for discussion.

Tripod Training

Tripod Training supports groups fighting for social, economic and environmental justice.

The Ulex Project and Ecodharma

ULEX and Ecodharma have been supporting activists from around the world. Both organisations offer online and in person courses and have info and resources on their websites.

Transition Network Inner Transition

Resources to support healthy groups and support the integration of the inner dimension of change into groups and meetings.

Extinction Rebellion Regenerative Culture

Resources and links for integrating a regenerative action cycle into Extinction Rebellion groups.

Beautiful Rising

Inspired by the concept of a “pattern language,” Beautiful Rising teases out the key elements of creative activism in their toolbox.

Turning the Tide toolkit

A variety of groupwork tools used for training for social action, including Power and Change, Spirituality and Activism, Power and Change etc.

Advaya Initiative

Advaya explores the connections between ecology, spirituality, and mental health, advocating regenerative narratives and economies, collective responsibility, public awakening and mobilisation

Open Edge

Organisation that works with individuals, organisations, ​groups and communities to decolonise and grow transformative, interdependent cultures, developing dynamic, inclusive ways of co-existing and walking towards challenge together.

Liberating structures

A huge resource of participatory formats to use in group work.

Wildfire project

In their words “healthy groups form the core of successful movements. We help grassroots groups transform their culture, build power, practice freedom, face challenging dynamics, and win.”

Inclusive Leadership and facilitation

Trainings from Wisdom in Nature

Further resources on this website

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