Criteria for resources

We have developed some criteria to help decide which resources to share on our website. We see these as essential ingredients to enable inner-led change to be most transformative at this particular time.

Primarily we are choosing to share those resources that seek to address the relationship between inner and systemic issues through incorporating one and ideally all of the following key ingredients:  

  • Cultivating Resilience: transformative, trauma-informed and supportive in cultivating personal and collective resilience.
  • Connection supporting an embodied, deepening connection with ourselves, one another and the other-than-human world 
  • Collaborating across difference drawing from a range of perspectives and in solidarity with all that is marginalised in service of our whole earth community.  
  • Decolonising Healing and transforming intergenerational trauma from historic and on-going colonisation, incorporating intersectional approaches to systemic oppressions 

Some ‘resources’ we signpost to are individual practitioners rather than organisations. We are aware of a creative tension around wanting to connect you with both well known practitioners/organisations who are somewhat ‘leaders’ in their field, as well as wanting to support  less well known practitioners so as to grow and expand the field.  All this is within the spirit of ‘here’s who’s doing this work’, not ‘our recommendation’ as such - and as we evolve we’ll likely develop criteria around this, and we’d welcome your feedback and suggestions about how to do this clearly and fairly.

We will prioritise sharing those resources, approaches and voices that include the greatest breadth and depth across all these criteria. This is because we perceive these to be ingredients that tend to be most marginalised within our more general efforts around social and ecological change - and therefore most essential to prioritise within our collaborative approach to inner-led cultural transformation.

We are making our criteria transparent so that you know how we choose which resources we give weight to and so that these criteria can be tuned up through your questions and feedback. which reflects our current points of connection. It will evolve as we evolve and bring in new team members and collaborators into the Starter Culture family.

  • Feedback about our criteria and suggestions for resource list at the bottom of this page

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Resources suggestions and feedback

Please use this form to suggest resources to add to our resources list, and/or to feedback about our criteria.

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