Shared governance and politics

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Sociocracy for All resources

Introductions, case studies, videos, trainings and a host of resources on sociocracy.

Introduction and overview to holacracy: a new way of structuring and running your organization that replaces the conventional management hierarchy.

Resources based on the book Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux. Its purpose is to explain the features and characteristics of organizations, emerging all over the world, that operate in a very different and perhaps more evolved way.

The UdN is a citizen organization, a place of research, experimentation, creation and sharing of commons on new ways of doing things together. It questions, tests, kneads everything that revolves around collective intelligence, shared governance and the exercise of power in a relationship of equivalence. Website in French and English.

Overview of Transition Network's model

Shared governance and working in circles guide from Université du Nous (UdN)

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