The Class Work Project organisation

Workers cooperative organising around class, who produce publications and  hold workshops that encourage people to think about their class position. This includes considering individual economic, social and cultural capital.

Episode 7 of the Resist + Renew podcast, where we interview D and Dot from The Classwork Project.

Blog exploring the problems of class in social movements—and for the possibility of social change—and some practical things that might be done about it.

Why class matters in organizing for racial justice, webpage and resources from Showing up for Racial Justice

"Class is something white people in our movements rarely talk about. Yet is essential that we talk about and normalize it if we're going to build a successful anti-racist movement. How does class impact our organizing? What do middle-class and owning class folks have to learn from working-class leaders? How has the left historically ignored class and what's the impact on our movement? How can I begin a discussion about class in my chapter?" (text from Showing up for Racial Justice).

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