Burnout to balance

Regenerating Rhythms
Devon, south west england

Regenerating Rhythms creates programmes facilitating nourishing spaces of collective grief & joy that bring us closer to the Earth's cyclical wisdom, whilst holding space for individual, social and cultural transformation through connection with nature, it’s rhythms and our rhythms as humans.

Ulex project
Catalunyan Pyrenees, Europe

Ulex project was one of the founders of ‘sustaining resistance’ trainings supporting activists to transform group cultures of burnout. They offer a rolling programme of transformative trainings on the cutting edge of regenerative activism integrating a range of intersectionalities.

Integral Activist training
Catalunyan Pyrenees, Europe

Training to help groups and individuals to analyse, strategize, and act socio-politically; support organisations to embody their values and create effective teams; enable individual growth with deep inner resources to support our struggles.

Commons Library
Resource list

A range of resources to support activists around stress and burnout.

Links to relevant articles, videos and books compiled by the US-based Center of the Advancement of Wellbeing.

A self-care zine offering reflections on activist culture and links to more resources.

Blogs on burnout

Rob Hopkins interviews Sophy Banks

by Rob Hopkins

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Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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