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We are only too aware of how challenging it can be to find support around inner-led change - and that what is available is often only accessible for those with the finances to afford it. We are passionate about making inner-led change support available to everyone who wants it -  and we want to connect you and your group with resources that will support you around inner-led cultural transformation. 

The drop-down menu under 'Directory of support resources ' at the top of the page signposts to a list of people and organisations offering support and resources around the intersection between the inner and outer dimensions of change.

We are prioritising signposting to resources that support a whole-systems approach, and that will best meet the needs of those interested in connecting with inner work in service of deep cultural transformation and the outer infrastructural changes this requires. They contain links to organisations, training, information, books, exercises and one-to-one support as well as materials to support you to reflect on and evaluate your own work.

What we have signposted to is by no means exhaustive - and we are aware of how overwhelming even this limited list may well feel.

Currently our focus is on online resources as our audience is widespread. We have very mixed feelings about how much inner-led change support has now gone online since the pandemic introduced us to the world of online teaching. Without a doubt it has made available a wealth of support that people would otherwise not be able to access. And, we feel concerned that the relative ease of accessibility and potential financial incentives may be leading to a default culture of participating in and offering online programs at great cost to the depth and transformative potency of these programs.

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