We want to connect you and your group with resources that will support you around inner-led cultural transformation. This section of our website is full of resources that seek to address the relationship between inner and systemic issues.

There are abundant resources, and all approaches to inner-led change hold different and vital pieces of the picture. The resources we are signposting to  here are far from a comprehensive overview of everything out there. Rather it is our emergent attempt to signpost to what we sense is most potent right now.

We are prioritising signposting to resources that support a whole-systems approach, and that will best meet the needs of those interested in connecting with inner work in service of deep cultural transformation (including the more outer infrastructural changes). They contain links to organisations, training, information, books, exercises and one-to-one support as well as materials to support you to reflect on and evaluate your own work.

And lastly, we have decided to limit the number of resources we signpost to within each category as we are aware of the impact of too much choice.

Currently our focus is on online resources as our audience is widespread. We are under no illusion that inner-led cultural transformation will happen exclusively through online support, whilst also recognising that online resources are playing an increasingly important role in current times. With time we hope to evolve to be able to include area-based web pages / sister sites where we will signpost to in the flesh training, workshops and mentoring. 

Open Democracy’s
pages focus on the intersection of personal and political issues, believing that deep change is possible where love meets social justice.

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