Eco-centric belonging:

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South Devon, 2024

Somewhere along the way, amidst scientific objectivity, mainstream schooling and almost all things modernity, we have mistaken ourselves for outsiders in Earth’s Community. Instead of speaking with, we have learned to objectify our bird, snake, spider, river and rock friends in our collective forgetting of the delicious intimacy that is deep relationality with these other than human friends and allies. When we awaken to the fact that all life is sentient and has agency, we recognize that we are already nature and as such, the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) are our oldest ancestors. This invites us into an intimacy that has us falling in love with the other than humans just as we would with a human lover. We begin to listen with our hearts, bodies and senses to the voices of all beings in their unique song, story and beingness.

When you listen and love this way, you understand that Earth desires you, not someone like you, but exactly you. This discovery can be unsettling, exhilarating, overwhelming, ecstatic. Suddenly, you notice that the whole world is alive and welcoming you, seeing you, longing for you in your whole expression of aliveness. And your own heart responds, breaking open even more deeply in loving this world in all of its entirety; pain and death as well as joy and birth. This is an embodied experience - physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological - that you are part of Earth Community. The felt sense of belonging that we imagine all other than human creatures and indigenous peoples still feel themselves as; embedded in the Web of Life. It is, in fact, what indigenous cultures call our original instructions for being humans alive together on and within this Earth. Truly, we human creatures belong as exquisitely and uniquely to Earth as poppy or squirrel or osprey does. And like them, there are ways of being in reciprocal relationship that are asked of us because we love and are loved by the world. Because we are fed by Life we must also feed Life.

Canada geese flying in formation

What we'll get up to...

In our 5 days together, we will learn to be in imaginal conversation again with our kith and other-than-human kin. We will listen to our dreams and sit in circle with the village of humans gathered together. We will spend solo time out on the land to discover unique ways of being and experiencing ourselves as physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually home within Earth Community. We will be in the ceremony of remembrance and the dance of our belonging to Earth, saying yes to Earth’s Desire for us so deeply that we know ourselves as Earth. We will explore somatic practices, earth-based ritual and ceremony, ancestral ways of being with Earth Community, making offerings of beauty to Earth and diving deep into the imaginal.

Who is this for?

This core program is specifically designed for change-makers, activists, therapists, mentors, coaches, spiritual practitioners, artists and visionaries who long to participate in crossroads consciousness at the threshold of inner and outer change, in surrender to the journey of deep cultural transformation that are these times. This is an Earth-born offering for those who are tracking the inner and long to compost power-over culture within themselves, and cultivate the ground of a co-evolutionary consciousness with Earth community.

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