Examples of fonts and headings

Font sizes

This is small font as a preset size

This is normal/ default font preset size

This is medium fault: I have updated the main text to this size on all the pages

This is large font

This is huge font

Preset Headings

Heading 1

I suggest we ask to change this preset heading to be a slightly larger version of Heading 3 (i.e. lower case, not capitals)

Heading 2

Heading 3 ( I have used this throughout, this is preset colour which is too pale)

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Colour palettes

Our preset text and background colour palettes are quite bright (see preset colour headings below).

Preset colour palette

Heading 3 - preset vivid red

Heading 3 preset vivid green cyan

Heading 3 preset vivid cyan blue

Heading 3 preset vivid purple

Heading 3 preset luminous vivid orange

Suggested colour palette

I have suggested a different palette for headings, all using our preset Heading 3 (which I have used as our main heading throughout the site). Deep colours, similar tone.

Heading 3 #710905 (or ask for the same colour as the main title)

Heading 3 #19512d

Heading 3 #11054b

Heading 3 #4d0758

Suggested font colours

request was to see what font would look like as a dark colour, similar in tone to the headings. I've experimented with this on the collaboration page, using the same colour for headings and main text