Our decolonising lens

5 March 2021
By Eva Schonveld Starter Culture started out as three white, middle class, cis gendered women from relatively privileged backgrounds. These things are both trivial and central to who we are. Reducing people to a series of identities misses the depth, complexity and uniqueness of each individual miracle; ignoring the family, social and cultural context that […]
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as Love in Action

1 March 2021
At Starter Culture we see activism as Love in action. A Love that is fiercely compassionate and deeply transformative and that gets to the heart and history of the matter. It is radical inner-led change that fuels this fierce Love - and which patriarchy and capitalism are most threatened by.
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Revealing a
Hidden Movement

9 June 2020
In making visible this largely hidden social movement, Starter Culture hopes to support its evolution towards its huge potential, emboldening its practitioners to see themselves as a crucial part of a potent collective movement for deep and unprecedented cultural change.
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My Starter Culture

6 June 2020
Several years of PhD research into the role emotions play in addressing climate change has highlighted how a sense of urgency tends to trump our building of agency around being with uncertainty; meeting people where they are; and processing our emotions - as well as just how marginalised the inner dimension of change is.
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