Mentoring and guiding

When embodied, inner-led change takes us beyond our conditioned over emphasis on cerebral thinking and into the realms of our feeling, sensing, imagining and heart-centred thinking.

Our in-person and online programs and one:one mentoring supports participants to grow the emotional and spiritual ground needed to transform from the inside out. It is only through doing this embodied inner-work, at depth, that we are able to become the healthy adults and elders our world is longing for through us.

Watch this space for our upcoming schedule of programs and details on our one:one mentoring. Our team of experienced guides and mentors, Claire Milne, Bel Selkie Lovelock and Sara McFarlane have a wealth of experience having each travelled deeply, treacherously, tenderly and courageously within the depths and breadths of inner-led change.

Claire Milne
Bel Selkie Lovelock
Sara McFarlane