Vital Ingredients


Expanding beyond our individualistic human-centric lens of the world to include collective, nature-connected, more-than-human ways-of-listening, seeing, being, doing, knowing and becoming, that support us to source solutions from beyond the consciousness that created our current crises: 

Listening to Earth's dreaming as She whispers sweet everything's into our infinitesimal ears.


Recognising trauma as the collective waters we are swimming in whose transformative power lies in recognising its collective, systemic, historic and species-wide nature. Expanding beyond trying to 'fix' broken individuals so they become more palatable, controllable, productive cogs in our consumerist works. 

Decolonising at depth

Tracking colonialism's imprints within our own psyche, identity, behaviours and beliefs. Doing the inner work needed to be able to recognise and transform the ways we have internalised, acted out and caused harm through this power-over culture. Recognising, healing and transforming the collective trauma resulting from historic and on-going colonisation.

Emergent strategizing

Letting go of our need to predict and control. Re-membering how to embrace the discomfort of life's inherent uncertainty. Taking one step at a time towards the North Star that is our overarching vision. Actively surrendering to a power greater than ourselves.

Becoming a hollow bone for the regenerative power and potential of the Life-death-Life cycle.