Increasing funding for inner-led change

Our 200+ Cups of Tea conversations highlighted that a major barrier to inner-led change work flourishing is a lack of funding. In response to this we carried out a Cups of Tea process exploring funders relationships with inner-led change in regard to the role it plays in the social and ecological change their funding seeks to support. These conversations have been exploring; how, if at all, funders are integrating an inner dimension into their own organisations; what, if any, inner-led change work they are already funding; and what they perceive to be the challenges and opportunities in regard to making more funding available for inner-led change.

On the back of what these Cups of Tea conversations revealed we have drafted a report aimed at raising awareness amongst funders of the vital need to make significantly more funding available for inner-led change work and the need to firmly centre it within their theories and practices of change. We look forward to sharing this report with you and our hope is that it will feel of interest to anyone interested in inner-led change.

To pre-order a free printed copy of the full length report please click here

If you are a funder interested in inner-led change please contact Claire Milne, Starter Culture Coordinator.