Mental health

Challenges to our mental health tend to be so very excrutiating to live with. And when they do show up we can be sure that deeply buried inner experience is literally pounding on the door to be let it in.

This makes our mental health a compelling gateway to the life-affirming inner-led change and cultural transformation that is so deeply needed in these times of crises.

Whether what we experience is depression, anxiety, lonelines, isolation, panic attacks, pychosis or any other extreme state - the end result it excrutiating pain that it feels impossible to describe to anyone else in any sort of meaninful way. And of course this then tends to exacerbate our sense of isolation and loneliness and the anxiety that so often accompanies it. If you are experiencing any of these painful states our heart goes out to you - these are incredibly testing times for so many right now.

It is our understanding that most if not all challenges to our mental health arise from unresolved trauma. This is because trauma is the mechanism that leads to us repressing our emotions, and mental health challenges result from the 'pain body' that accumulates from all this undigested emotion.

The good news is there is more and more support becoming available to support us to heal and transfrom our trauma, and the myriad mental health challenges it creates.

You can find out more about trauma - and how to heal and transform it here: