Gateways to the inner

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The language of ‘the inner’ is as rich as it is diverse. We each talk about and experience our inner worlds in wildly different ways. Giving voice to it is more easeful for some than others, which does not mean our inner world is any more or less rich. For some, it’s easier to express and explore our inner experience through our body, for others through art, music or physical activity. Some of us naturally tend towards a language of emotions and feelings, others visceral sensations in the body or intellectual thought through the mind. For others the realm of the imaginal is most available. Sometimes we are seemingly 'yanked' into exploring our inner realms without it feeling like a choice, either through an interruption in our lives or perhaps through some spontaneous emergence of something inside ourselves. Everybody will have different obvious or automatic gateways to their inner realms and to the work of transformation that might feel the most natural or the ones we cannot turn away from, but the more of these gateways we can explore and access, the more balanced, whole, rich and transformative our life becomes.

When we are in a healthy relationship with our-selves, others and the other-than-human world we have more wealth than money could ever buy. When we feel full up in our relationships with others and with our own creativity and sense of soul purpose, we connect with a sense of inner abundance that makes us immune to the consumer culture that is eroding the web of life our collective future rests on.

Life happens through us; our inner experience is how we think, feel, sense, imagine, intuit and make sense and meaning of what happens in our day to day lives. Our inner world is unique to us; a life-affirming world needs all of us in our unique and diverse glory. And it is how we relate with our inner experience that shapes how we come into relationship with others and our wider earth community.

As if your place in the world mattered
and the world
could neither speak
nor hear
the fullness
of its own bitter and beautiful cry
without the deep well
of your body resonating in the echo.

David Whyte

If we pay close attention to our inner experience we will likely notice that it is constantly changing. This state of flux means we are continually being offered the opportunity to check out and change the conditioned stories we have running about who we are, what we believe and how we need to show up in the world. It is our relationship with our inner experience that offers us liberation. The more we become aware of what is happening in our inner world, the more we wake up to our own cultural conditioning and the personal power we have to make different choices around how we show up in relationships, groups and our wider earth community.

This is how we co-create a more life-affirming paradigm grounded in a self-aware power-with model of relating. A regenerative culture that honours and respects our inherent inter-dependency, and the extent to which our future as a species rests on this truth.

Mapping gateways to inner

See the drop-down menu under 'GATEWAYS TO THE INNER' for an intrepid adventure around some of the many gateways into our inner experience and inner-led change.

We hope that these will begin to support a bridging of all our inner worlds and a sense that your very own unique inner experience is very much a vital part of the rich and diverse territory of the inner dimension of life.