Communities of practice

Our sense is that creating a space for practitioners to come together to collaborate and cross-fertilize around various themes is a good next step. This is based on what we have learned from the more than 100 incredibly rich exploratory conversations we have had across Scotland, England and internationally.

We are calling this collaborative space: ‘communities of practice’.

There is an evolving body of wisdom around how to best form and collaborate as communities of practice, which we intend to drink deeply from and help inform. And for now we are beginning to explore the usefulness of thematic and place-based communities of practice that seek to:

  • Identify and innovatively respond to common creative tensions (challenges, needs and opportunities)
  • Share experiences, good practice, resources, approaches and creative ideas, inspiration and innovation.
  • Offer each other peer-peer support.
  • Identify and innovatively respond to common creative tensions (challenges, needs and opportunities) and emergent threads.
  • Experiment with a range of collaborative social interventions around radical inner-led change.
  • Collate and make widely available existing resources and address any gaps and/or financial, cultural or language barriers preventing people from connecting with and accessing this wealth of vital support.
  • Harvest and amplify stories of inner-led cultural change - especially from less visible and more marginalised groups.
  • Contribute to our growing evidence-base bearing witness to the fundamental role inner-led cultural change plays in co-creating a life-affirming future.
  • Contribute to our ongoing experiment in inner-led organisational culture and governance.

A (w)holistic approach

By supporting cross-fertilization and collaboration across a range of thematic communities of practice we hope to harness the wellspring of transformative potential that tends to flow when a commitment to compassionate solidarity, collaboration and radical inclusivity are placed centre stage. In our experience this is the stuff that transforms Love into action.

You can find out more about the themes we are exploring and seeding communities of practice around these themes