Alba/Scotland 'Cups of Tea'

You can read the report on our Cups of Tea process from 2019 here.

Those conversations and the thinking they inspired, fed directly into a new project called Grassroots to Global which aims to build from relational deliberative democratic processes in Scotland and elsewhere in the world towards a Global, Citizens Assembly based process in 2022.

If you’re interested in kicking off something similar where you live you can find resources help here.

We are in the process of developing People’s Assemblies at different levels and will be running an international assembly in early 2022. You can read more about that here.

The aim of all this is to develop trauma informed deliberative, democratic processes which are inclusive, fair, transparent, morally legitimate, emotionally intelligent, decolonised and culturally diverse and which support participants to stay connected to their sense of empathy - and are able to respond effectively when that is no longer the case. 

Eva’s writing on this includes:

Politics, Trauma and Empathy

Transforming Toxic Power Relations

Principles of Relational Democracy

Or here’s a podcast from Accidental Gods about it if you’d rather listen.

As part of this process we are also piloting a Community of Practice for community based deliberative process facilitators here in Scotland and will share resources for that as soon as they’re available.