Starter Culture family

Our Starter Culture family includes dear friends and cherished kith and kin-like collaborators from a range of different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. We are deeply grateful to the unique and precious way each of them have contributed to Starter Culture past, present and future.

We are also deepy grateful to all the many people who were generous enough to share their precious time with us during our Cups of Tea process. We very much hope this website will support the work of all our collaborators, near and far.

  • Madelanne Rust D'Eye
  • Toni Spencer
  • Rachel Baker
  • Hele Oakely
  • Justin Kenrick

Growing our Starter Culture family

All of us involved in Starter Culture are working to dismantle colonialism and systems of oppression from the inside out. We also deeply acknowledge that the resilience, wisdom and transformation needed for these times will only come from a broad diversity of perspectives and experiences.

We are committed to diversifying our core team and wider family, so that we are better placed to centre and amplify marginalised voices, and to co-create a working culture that supports healthy relating across difference, both within the team and through our collaborations.

We are recruiting!
See here for more information and how to apply.
Last day for application is 21st March 2021