Jo is an activist, researcher, facilitator and musician.

"I’ve found group work approaches such as The Work That Reconnects a powerful way to connect with my deeper feelings, and a safe space for me to acquaint myself with and transform the feelings of anger, rage and grief that I didn’t know how to work through in other ways. These experiences have inspired me to facilitate processes where the more painful emotions are welcome, not excluded, where they can be explored and moved through". 

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Claire is many things, mostly very passionate, and not very easily pinned down!

"My main gateways to inner-led change have been relating with the repressed fear, grief, anger, helplessness and distress that had been festering in the underbelly of countless years of activist burnout, M.E. and trauma.

The deeply transformative processes of shadow work, embodied awakening and authentic movement have helped me remove the anesthetic that was preventing me from feeling the rich and alchemical depths of these emotions.

Where before there was burnout and PTSD I now feel deeply grateful to be so fully in touch with my wild generative self and all the freedom, creativity and transformation this gifts me, and the world.

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Eva is a climate activist, process designer and facilitator.

"To begin with, for a number of reasons, I kept my inner life and my life as an activist very separate. But after a severe burnout I came to understand why it was so important to find ways for them to come together. I feel much more able to be my full self in the last few years and have come to understand much better the deep spiritual, personal and cultural roots of our current social and environmental problems. 

It feels to me that there is nothing more important in these times than finding, sharing and embodying ways to recover ourselves and our relationships with one another and the beingness of the world."

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