We are recruiting!

We are seeking two passionate people to join our small core team for 3 days/ week.

Are you a collaborative leader passionate about co-creating inner-led cultural transformation at depth and scale?

Do you have skills and experience to help us with our bold intention to bring together and amplify the work of those wanting to prioritise and politicise inner-led cultural transformation?

Are you resourced, experienced and agile enough to contribute to Starter Culture in a variety of ways that nourish and nurture our small trans-locally focused team to evolve into whatever is needed to deliver on our bold intentions at this early stage of our evolution?

Do you have a natural flair for working with complexity at both depth and scale, whilst also being able to drop into life’s inherent simplicity and emptiness? Is your love for this world as tender as it is fierce? Are you in healthy relationship with the need to support our destructive culture to die, at the same time as cultivating active hope, a wild imagination and wicked sense of humour in service of co-creating deep cultural transformation? 

If so, we would love to hear from you.

To find out more and apply, download our application pack here

Last day for applications: 21st March (midnight UK time)

After reading our recruitment pack, if you have any questions please contact clairemilne[@]starterculture.net

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Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash