Our approach to change

"What if the way we respond to crisis is part of the crisis?"

Bayo Akomolafe, emergence Network

At Starter Culture we value the 'how' of change as much as the 'what'. For us, the 'how' is what inner-led change is all about.

Our approach to change focuses on making space for and prioritising the co-creation of healthier, more transformative, just and relational cultures in service of love for our whole earth community.

We believe that the depth and breadth of change needed in these increasingly turbulent times requires approaches that support deep cultural transformation - and the radical shifts in consciousness needed to manifest this.

Key ingredients of inner-led change

At this particular point in our evolution as a species it feels particularly important to pay attention to the following ingredients of inner-led change. We perceive these to be what will perhaps support us to most transformatively ride life's evolutionary intent for us as a species.

  • ResilienceFinding resourcing and transformative ways to respond to burnout, conflict and other destructive power and group dynamics. 
  • ConnectionTurning towards an embodied, deepening connection with ourselves, one another and the other-than-human world and the deep wellsprings of radically inclusive love this supports.
  • Collaborating across differenceUnleashing our collective transformative potential by learning to collaborate across difference in solidarity with all that is marginalised in service of our whole earth community.
  • Decolonising: Healing and transforming the intergenerational trauma from the  historic and on-going colonisation that lies at the heart of our current crises.

Design principles

The design principles below are a taste of what informs the weft and weave of our approach to inner-led cultural transformation. We are sharing these to enable feedback and evolution of our assumptions, perspectives and processes and would value your feedback.

Click on any or each of them to find out more about how this informs our approach to change.

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Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash