Organisational culture

We are deeply committed to walking our talk around inner-led cultural transformation. This means doing what we can to embody the relational culture we longing for and seeking, so as to help facilitate into being more broadly.

As well as serving our needs as a group of people working together, our evolving organisational culture is a significant part of our offering to the wider movement. It describes a way of collaborating together as a team with a shared purpose in the world that is centred around the inner dimension of life.

The cultural elements we lay out have emerged from practices our founders have developed together - and are deeply informed by our wide range of previous experience within myriad cultures and contexts.

Relational culture

Starter Culture is essentially about learning how to develop relationships that are healthy, generative and transformative.

We see this as a necessary evolution of our current mainstream culture that is bringing into question our future as a species and beyond.

For us relational cultures are committed to love, intimacy, compassion, courage, creativity, beauty, pleasure and play - in service of health, regeneration, transformation and justice.

Relational agreements

Our relational agreements provide a snapshot of our current perspective on what supports relational culture. They provide somewhat of a north-star (overarching intentions) for how we are agreeing to relate within our collaborative culture - and a reference point for when tensions and conflict arises.

All Starter Culture team members commit to proactively doing what is necessary to more and more align with these agreements, whilst recognising that these are aspirational and none of us are, or need to be perfect.

Check out our relational agreements here:

Shared governance

The way that we work is largely inspired by what we call a ‘shared governance’ model which is a blend of sociocracy and holacracy. It is consists of a range of evolving processes, structures and agreements that focus around placing power in the process rather than in certain individuals or roles. Shared governance empowers collective decision-making. It supports decisions to happen both horizontally and vertically, in service of unleashing the group's collective intelligence.

As a small team this all plays out very informally and nevertheless provides us with incredibly rich soils that nourish our roots and which is so far bearing delicious collaborative and heart warming fruits.

This video produced by Université du Nous gives a sense of the philosophy that underpins our shared governance model - Video: our relationship with power.

Check out more on our shared governance model here:

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