Our vision

Welcome friend. We are Starter Culture - a new initiative passionate about inner-led cultural transformation in service of our whole earth community.

Our vision is to help co-create healthier, more transformative and just cultures based on a shared commitment to love, compassion, courage, creativity, beauty, pleasure and play.

We seek to do this by helping unleash the transformative power of our social and ecological change efforts to radically address the suffering, inequality, systemic injustice, ecological destruction and species extinction which are bringing into question the future of our own species.

We believe it is time for the destructive culture that gave rise to all this to die and make space for something new and more life-affirming. We want to play a role in assisting that death to be as transformative as possible so that whatever is to be birthed in its wake can best serve our love for the whole earth community.

We are doing this by prioritising, politicizing, raising-awareness of and simply making space for the vital role radical inner-led change needs to play in that cultural transformation.

What do we mean by the ‘Inner’?

We are aware that the ‘inner’ is often understood to speak only to personal, individualised experience rather than the richly interpersonal, social, cultural, political and other-than-human dimensions that Starter Culture is all about. It is this breadth and depth that we are referring to when we talk about the ‘inner’.

The lack of an accessible and shared term for this field can make connecting and collaborating very challenging. The differences in how we all experience and express our inner worlds can create confusion, fear and a sense of separation and ‘not belonging’, between us. 

What about inner-led cultural transformation?

For us inner-led cultural transformation means placing the inner and relational dimensions of our experience at the centre of our efforts around social and ecological change. This ‘centering’ of the ‘inner’ and relational dimensions is needed at every level of transformation, from the personal to the collective.

We sometimes use the term inner-led change, rather than inner-led cultural transformation simply because it is less of a mouthful. The type of change we at Starter Culture are focused on is deep cultural transformation. 

Why inner-led cultural transformation?

We believe that making space for our inner experience is crucial in itself and an essential but often neglected ingredient within our efforts around social and ecological change. This neglect of the inner and relational dimensions is costing our social and ecological movements greatly in terms of their health and effectiveness. Without putting the inner at the heart of the change we’re trying to make, we also run the risk of inadvertently replicating the seeds of domination within it.

We see a fundamental need to develop new inner-led cultures at the heart of our frontline services, politics, activism, education and legal systems as well as within our local communities, so as to create cultural conditions which support: 

  • Resilience Finding resourcing and transformative ways to respond to burnout, conflict and other destructive power and group dynamics. 
  • Connection Turning towards an embodied, deepening connection with ourselves, one another and the other-than-human world and the deep wellsprings of radically inclusive love this supports.
  • Collaborating across difference Unleashing our collective transformative potential by learning to collaborate across difference in solidarity with all that is marginalised in service of our whole earth community.
  • Decolonising Healing and transforming the intergenerational trauma from the  historic and on-going colonisation that lies at the heart of our current crises.

Our more than 100 exploratory conversations over the last couple of years have highlighted just how vital inner-led change is to the health and effectiveness of social and ecological change work. 

What’s more, access to support around inner-led change is arguably the key to liberating ourselves as a species from the chains of intergenerational trauma that perpetuate systemic oppression and the injustice, suffering and eco-systemic collapse it gives rise to.

Supporting inner-led change to flourish

The current priorities of our small team are to: 

  • Support those cultivating inner-led change in the UK and internationally
  • Increase financial support available for inner-led change work by raising awareness with funders
  • Co-create the cultural space needed for inner-led change to flourish
  • Centre and amplify the experiences and perspectives of marginalised voices.

You can find more detail on these priorities on our ‘What we do’ page [link] 

Who is Starter Culture for?

This is a place for individuals, organisations, networks and communities interested in inner-led culture change - whether you are here to find out about healthy groups, conflict transformation or collective decision-making, or to deep dive into shadow work or myth and the underworld: Welcome! If you want to explore decolonization, dismantling systemic oppressions or find out more about mental health, meditation, mindfulness or other contemplative practices: Welcome! Nature-connection, deep ecology, embodied awakening or soulcrafting? Welcome! Food growing, wild fermentation or food sovereignty? Welcome! Chanting, trance dance, ritual or prayer? Welcome! Sustainable livelihoods, homes or transport: Welcome! Sacred economics, the gift economy or Re-economy? Welcome! Learning and sharing inner-led change practices across different sectors? Welcome! Developing a relational way to make our political decisions? Welcome! If you are interested in inner-led change you have come to the right place. And whilst language and imagery can feel divisive we also want you to feel at home here whether thinking, feeling, sensing or imagining is your thing. Welcome!

Please know you are welcome here and that [we would love to hear from you] about the language you use to express your inner experience, what inner-led change means to you and any insights you have about cultivating shared language around this.