Our vision

Welcome friend. We are Starter Culture - a new initiative about inner-led change in service of the deep cultural transformation needed to honour our whole earth community.

We would love to collaborate with you to co-create a global web of interconnected hubs cultivating radical inner-led change by returning the inner and relational dimensions of life to the heart of all our actions.

We are passionate about heart and soul-fully transforming the devastating and increasing levels of suffering, inequality, systemic injustice, ecological destruction and species extinction which are bringing into question the future of our own species.

We are working to radically transform the health and effectiveness of our social and ecological change efforts around all this. We are doing this by politicizing, prioritising, raising-awareness of and making space for the vital role radical inner-led change plays in a decolonizing whole systems approach to societal and cultural transformation in service of our whole earth community.

We see the ‘how’ of change to be as important as the ‘what’ - lest we simply perpetuate the very cultural conditions that gave rise to our current crises.

This is a place for everyone interested in inner-led culture change - whether you are here to find out about healthy groups, conflict transformation or collective decision-making, or to deep dive into shadow work, myth and the underworld: Welcome! If you want to explore decolonization, whiteness and race or find out more about mental health, meditation, mindfulness or other contemplative practices: Welcome! Nature-connection, deep ecology, embodied awakening or soulcrafting? Welcome! Food growing, wild fermentation or food sovereignty? Welcome! Chanting, trance dance, ritual or prayer? Welcome! Sustainable livelihoods, homes or transport: Welcome! Sacred economics, the gift economy or Re-economy? Welcome! If you are interested in inner-led change you have come to the right place.And whilst language and imagery can feel divisive we also want you to feel at home here whether thinking, feeling, sensing or imagining is your thing. Welcome!

Please know you are welcome here and that we would love to hear from you about the language you use to express your inner experience, what inner-led change means to you and any insights you have about cultivating shared language around this.

Why inner led change?

We believe that making space for our inner experience is crucial in itself and an essential but often neglected ingredient within our efforts around socio-ecological change in service of all our earth community

We see a fundamental need to develop new inner-led cultures at the heart of our frontline services, politics, activism, education and legal systems as well as within our local communities, so as to create cultural conditions that: 

  • Promote resilience and transformation around common pitfalls such as burnout, un/conscious bias, power, privilege and exclusion, ‘othering’, in-fighting, destructive conflict and power-play.
  • Connect us with deep wellsprings of love and connection which are radically inclusive.
  • Awaken a growing awareness of and capacity to transform the ways in which we ‘other’, reject, repress, make wrong, blame, shame and punish aspects of ourselves and others - thereby enabling us more and more to welcome and collaborate across difference.
  • Skill us up in myriad practices and processes that support solidarity and collaboration, across difference, in service of that which is sacred and our whole earth community.