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What if...
inner-led change holds the keys
to navigating these times of collapse
in the most transformative ways?

Supporting a hidden movement ...

We at Starter Culture are helping support a mycelial movement of inner -led change-makers whose work is reuniting 'outer' social and ecological change work with 'inner' relational work.

Our ongoing 'cups of tea' conversations with hundreds of people and organisations working at the intersection between the inner and outer dimensions of social and ecological change are revealing a diverse hidden movement. Together these myriad approaches to inner-led change form a potent collective response to our current and escalating crises; a response whose deep tap roots challenge us to question, re-imagine and re-shape how we relate with ourselves, other humans and the more-than-human world.

Inner-led change supports us to deeply inquire into how change happens. It holds the keys to liberating us from the cultural conditioning that traps us into 'solutions' that are a product of the consciousness that created our current social and ecological collapse.

Currently our work is focused on; raising awareness with funders of the urgent need to make significantly more funding available for inner-led change; sharing stories of inner-led change to support cross-pollination across its inter-weaving threads; and deepening the conversation around the vital role of the inner in navigating these times of collapse.

We hope you will feel the tug to join this juicy conversation…

Vital ingredients of inner-led change


Shifting away from our human-centric lens of the world to nature-connected ways-of-being that support us to source solutions from beyond the consciousness that created our current crises:
listening to the Earth's dreaming.


Recognising the emotional chaos being unleashed by the pandemic as collective trauma seeking to be transformed in service of deep cultural transformation: becoming trauma-informed within our social and ecological change work.

at depth

Tracking colonialism's imprints within our own psyche, identity, behaviours and beliefs: healing and transforming the collective trauma resulting from historic and on-going colonisation.

Emergent strategizing

Letting go of our need to predict and control and learning instead how to embrace the discomfort of life's inherent uncertainty by taking one step at a time towards our North Star's gravitational pull.

"Justice is what love looks like in public"

Cornel West


Here are some blogs from our co-founders to get a taste of the flavours they are each bringing.

Rites of passage work is a community movement

4 October 2022
Rites of passage work is about cultural and ecological thriving. It is not a programme; it is a community movement. As part of Starter Culture’s Cups of Tea process we interviewed more than 20 leaders in rites of passage work around the world to discover what is needed to support rites of passage with young […]
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Our decolonising lens

5 March 2021
By Eva Schonveld Starter Culture started out as three white, middle class, cis gendered women from relatively privileged backgrounds. These things are both trivial and central to who we are. Reducing people to a series of identities misses the depth, complexity and uniqueness of each individual miracle; ignoring the family, social and cultural context that […]
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as Love in Action

1 March 2021
At Starter Culture we see activism as Love in action. A Love that is fiercely compassionate and deeply transformative and that gets to the heart and history of the matter. It is radical inner-led change that fuels this fierce Love - and which patriarchy and capitalism are most threatened by.
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