What if...
inner-led change holds the keys
to navigating these times of collapse
in the most transformative ways?

Supporting a hidden movement ...

We at Starter Culture are helping support a mycelial movement of inner -led change-makers whose work is reuniting 'outer' social and ecological change work with 'inner' relational work.

Our ongoing 'cups of tea' conversations with hundreds of people and organisations working at the intersection between the inner and outer dimensions of social and ecological change are revealing a diverse hidden movement. Together these myriad approaches to inner-led change form a potent collective response to our current and escalating crises; a response whose deep tap roots challenge us to question, re-imagine and re-shape how we relate with ourselves, other humans and the more-than-human world.

Inner-led change supports us to deeply inquire into how change happens. It holds the keys to liberating us from the cultural conditioning that traps us into 'solutions' that are a product of the consciousness that created our current social and ecological collapse.

Currently our work is focused on; raising awareness with funders of the urgent need to make significantly more funding available for inner-led change; sharing stories of inner-led change to support cross-pollination across its inter-weaving threads; and deepening the conversation around the vital role of the inner in navigating these times of collapse.

We hope you will feel the tug to join this juicy conversation…

Vital ingredients of inner-led change


Expanding beyond our individualistic human-centric lens of the world to include collective, nature-connected, more-than-human ways-of-listening, seeing, being, doing, knowing and becoming, that support us to source solutions from beyond the consciousness that created our current crises:

Listening to Earth's dreaming as She whispers sweet everything's into our infinitesimal ears.


Recognising trauma as the collective waters we are swimming in whose transformative power lies in recognising its collective, systemic, historic and
species-wide nature.

Expanding beyond trying to 'fix' broken individuals so they become more palatable, controllable, productive cogs in our consumerist works.

at depth

Tracking colonialism's imprints within our own psyche, identity, behaviours and beliefs. Doing the inner work needed to be able to recognise and transform the ways we have internalised, acted out and caused harm through this power-over culture.

Recognising, healing and transforming the collective trauma resulting from historic and on-going colonisation.

Emergent strategizing

Letting go of our need to predict and control. Re-membering how to embrace the discomfort of life's inherent uncertainty. Taking one step at a time towards the North Star that is our overarching vision.

Actively surrendering to a power greater than ourselves.

Becoming a hollow bone for the regenerative power and potential of the Life-death-Life cycle.

"Justice is what love looks like in public"

Cornel West


Here are some blogs from some of our team and collaborators to get a taste of the work we're interested in.

Death is in the air

11 May 2023
I am writing this from the pacific coast of Costa Rica surrounded by the wild others in extremis as I grieve my dear dear friend Eve who passed just a few days ago after decades of being very unwell with cancer. Eve was (and remains) one of my very closest friends - our daily lives […]
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A wander in hinterland - from outside-in to inside-out

13 March 2023
Welcome to a cycle of writings that are a wander in the hinterland between inner led change and outer change as experienced by me over the last 25 years, as a social change activist in a housing co-op in Cymru (named by the English as Wales). A hinterland is “beyond what is visible or known” […]
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Rites of passage work is a community movement

4 October 2022
Rites of passage work is about cultural and ecological thriving. It is not a programme; it is a community movement. As part of Starter Culture’s Cups of Tea process we interviewed more than 20 leaders in rites of passage work around the world to discover what is needed to support rites of passage with young […]
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