What if...
inner-led change holds the keys
to navigating these times of collapse
in the most transformative ways?

Tending the threshold
between inner and outer change

The deep cultural transformation demanded by these times requires outer practices of challenging systemic injustice alongside ongoing choice-making in our day to day relationship with the world. Crucially though, the effectiveness of these outer actions depends on our inner transformation - engaging in inner practices that support us to expand our consciousness beyond the power-over culture of right/wrong binaries and “drama triangle consciousness” which this polarising mind-set perpetuates. This tending of the threshold between inner and outer, and the tools and practices of inner-led change are what Starter Culture is bringing to the conversation about systemic change.

Vital Ingredients of Inner-led Change


Expanding beyond our individualistic human-centric lens of the world to include collective, nature-connected, other-than-human ways of listening, seeing, being, doing, knowing and becoming, in reciprocal relationship with Life. Recognizing our belonging to Earth Community before any nation-state or other social or political identity


Recognising that; our violent collective histories mean we all have trauma stored in our bodies, whether it is revealing itself or not; Civilisation Trauma is the collective waters we are swimming in whose transformative power lies in embracing its collective, systemic, historic and species-wide nature; and psychological safety requires us to go beyond becoming trauma informed to becoming trauma~attuned by healing our own nervous systems.

Decolonising at depth

Tracking the imprints of colonialism and white bodied supremacy within our own psyche, identity, behaviours and beliefs. Doing the inner work needed to be able to recognise and transform the ways we have caused harm by internalizing and acting this out. Composting our power-over paradigm through our own inner work in order to embody inner-led change in the world and hospice the current paradigm.

Emergent strategizing

Leaning into and alchemizing the discomfort that comes when we let go of our need to predict and control. Learning how to embrace Life’s inherent uncertainty. Listening to Earth's dreaming supporting us to source solutions from beyond the consciousness that created our current crises. Becoming a hollow bone through which a power greater than ourselves can move as the regenerative power and potential of the Life-death-Life cycle.

"Justice is what love looks like in public"

Cornel West

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